2021 Virtual Spring Garden Tour

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Welcome to the #springgardentour2021! One of my favorite things about gardening is the community and getting to tour other gardener’s spaces and show them around mine. With the crazy past year there hasn’t been much opportunity for those in person tours, and distance makes it hard to visit with our IG gardening friends. So here’s the virtual version! Just imagine we’ve poured you a glass of sweet tea and are wandering around the yard together, sharing dreams, ideas, knowledge, and of course a couple plant splits!

We’ll gather back this summer for another virtual garden tour! Let me know here if you’d like to participate in this summer!

Leah @KithredHome

Atlanta, GA Zone 8a

Urban homesteading our 1/3 acre on the Atlanta Beltline. Learning the art of neighboring and treasuring our kith.

Amy @Urban_Farm_Wife

Atlanta, GA Zone 7b

I love all the home arts, but especially cooking, baking, gardening, knitting, and decorating. When I’m not gardening, I help people buy and sell homes in the intown neighborhoods of Atlanta. 

Lauren @DeepSouthGardener

Jackson, MS Zone 8a

Self-described lazy gardener growing a variety of perennial and self-seeding annuals, vegetables, and fruits around my urban home.

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